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ALBE medical menjual mesin X-Ray dengan model WSR-40. Dengan kinerja tinggi, menghemat waktu untuk radiographing tubuh manusia sekitar 50% dan adanya remote control untuk radiographing dan pengoperasian yang mudah. 


Untuk lebih jelasnya anda bisa melihat spesfikasinya dibawah ini

Consist Of Model Name
 High Frequency Generator  WSR-40G
 X-Ray Tube  E7239X (made by Toshiba/Japan) 
 Collimator  CM-W1
 Floor to Ceiling Tube Stand  TS-W1
 4-Way Floating Top Bucky Table   BT-W1
 High Tension Cables  HVC-6
 Vertical Bucky Stand  BS-W1 












 Spesifikasi Khusus :

Generator : Controller / Electronic control box ( Model : WSR-40C[WSR-40G] )
1. Type Inverter
2. Max. Output 40kw
3. Rating Output 500mA / 125 kv
4. Tube Current 10 to 500mA
5. Exposure Timer 0.01 ~ 6sec
6. mAs  0.5 to 600 mAs
7. Anatomical setting of X-Ray condition 576 sets
8. Self-Control Function (CPU Automatically Diagnosis) Yes
9. Anatomical Program Yes
10. Voltage Phase Single Phase
Floor to Ceiling X-Ray Tube Support (Model : TS-W1)
1. Left / Right Travel 1480mm
2. Up / Down Travel 1350mm
3. Back / Forth Travel 235mm
4. Tube Rotation ±180º
5. Power 24VDC 50/60Hz
Ceiling X-Ray Tube Support (option) (Model : TC-W1)
1. Automatic Positioning Selectic Longitudinal at 100cm and 180cm
2. Vertical at 100cm
3. Transverse at Table center
4. Tube Rotation ±180º
5. Power 220VAC 1Amp 50/60Hz
X-Ray Tube Unit (Model : E7239X)
1. Inherent Filtration 0.9mm Al eq
2. Focal Spot 1.0 / 2.0mm
3. Anode Heating capacity 140,000HU
Electronical Collimator (Model : CM-W1)
1. Filtration 1.5mmAl
2. Localization Lamp Timer 30sec
3. Maximum X-Ray Field Size at SID 65cm 35cm x 35 cm
4. Average Light Field Illuminance 160Lux
Bucky Stand (Model : BS-W1)
1. Size 1820(H) x 580(L) x 240(W)
2. Vertical Travle 1,300mm
3. Vertical range 400~1,740mm
4. Grid Ratio 8:1 85Line
5. Grid Motor Alternating
6. Power Requirement 24VDC 1Amp 50/60Hz
4-way table (Model : BT-W1)
1. Size 710(H) x 2000(L) x 728(W)
2. Bucky Travel ±220mm(440mm)
3. Grid Ratio 8:1
4. Bucky Grid Motion Spring Action
5. Longitudinal Moving ±350mm
6. Horizontal Moving ±150mm
7. Power 220VAC 3Amp 50/60Hz
H.V Cable
1. Stand type 6M
2. Ceiling type 12M































































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