USG Color Doppler 4 Dimensi

Rp. 260.000.000,-

USG Q3 adalah USG Color Doppler 4 Dimensi yaitu alat USG dari Zoncare yang bisa mendapatkan hasil diagnosis yang bisa di percaya dengan mudah. Alat ini dilengkapi platform terbaru dan alur kerja yang lebih baik. Zoncare Q3 adalah USG Color Doppler 4 Dimensi yang baru di kembangkan berdasarkan pemnintaan untuk  Fashion Ergonomics, Perubahan kualitas gambar, Alur kerja yang disempurnakan.


Selain itu USG Q3 ini dikembangkan untuk penggunaan di Radiologi, Cardiovascular, OB/Gyn dan Organ kecil lainnya. USG Zoncare Q3 menggabungkan layar sentuh 8,4 inchi dan 18 inchi LCD monitor dengan resolusi tinggi. Zocare Q3 ini juga dirancang untuk kenyamanan dan kesenangan.


- Spesifikasi Umum -

NO.AKL : KEMENKES RI AKL 21501713374
Kategori : Alat USG Color Doppler 4 Dimensi
Merk/Tipe : Zoncare/Q3
Negara asal : China 
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Monitor : LED Monitor Size (Diagonal): 19” Touch ScreenSize (Diagonal): 8 4”


- Spesifikasi Khusus -

System Features
Outstanding image quality to improve your diagnosis confidence
Full choice of wide band transducers for full ranges of applications and situations
4 full activated probe sockets
19 inch high resolution monitor to see more details
back-illuminated control panel and 8.4 inch touch screen operation to enhance efficiency
Real time 4D imaging and complete rendering choice
One key optimization in 2D and Doppler image to relieve from messed parameters
Auto Color flow angle calibration to guide more accuracy in velocity measurement consistently
Complete post processing facility and offline analysis system,including measurement,label,
Annotation and etc.
Technical Information
Clinical Application
Gynecological and fertility
Small Parts
Imaging Modes
B, Dual B, Quad B, M, B/M,
Duplex/Triple synchronous, activated by button
And touch screen
Main Technology
DSC (Digital Scan Converter)
DBF (Digital Beam Forming)
RDA (Real-time Dynamic Aperture)
DRA (Dynamic Receiving Apodization)
DRF (Dynamic Receiving Focusing)
DFS (Dynamic Frequency Scan) 32Ch
THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
SNR (Speckle Noise Reduction)
3D/4D Imaging Module
Pure digital time-delay ASICs
Auto Flow Angle calibration
Extreme Resolution adaptive imaging
Transducer Signal Processing
Software Specification
Pseudo-color: 16
Gray Scales: 256
M Speed: Adjustable
Dynamic Range: 0 ~ 210dB
Frame rate: 1200
Display Angle: 15 levels Adjustable
Cine loop: 1024
Cineloop acquisition, storage ≥ 1200 frames
Focal Zone: 8
Black/White Inversion: Available
TGC Curve Display:Available
NTSC/PAL Output: Available
Focus No., Position, Distance: Adjustable
Depth: Depending on Probe Type
Receiving Focus: Dynamic Focus/Aperture
Real-Time Dynamic Zoom: Panning Zoom
Report Inquiry & Printing with max 6 pictures
Hardware Specification
LED Monitor
Size (Diagonal): 19”
Touch ScreenSize (Diagonal): 8 4”
Embedded Computer
Hard Drive (Patient) Data: ≥500GB
Probe Parameters
Convex Array Probe
Central Frequency: 4.5MHz
Frequency Range:2.0MHz~5.0MHz
Max.Scanning Depth: 320mm
Linear Array Probe
Central Frequency: 9.5MHz
Frequency Range: 4.0MHz~12.0MHz
Max. Scanning Depth: 90mm
Endo-vaginal Probe
Central Frequency: 6.5MHz
Frequency Range: 4.0MHz~9.0MHz
Max. Scanning Depth: 120mm
Central Frequency: 4.0MHz
Quality Standards
CE Declaration
ZONCARE-Q3 has been assessed with
respect to the conformity assessment
procedure described in Article 11.3.a and
Annex II excluding section 4(Module H) of
Council Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical
Devices, as amended, and found to comply
(Notified Body No.: CE2460)


Albemedical sebagai distributor USG Zoncare, menjual USG Zoncare Q3 ( USG Color Doppler 4 Dimensi ) dengan harga yang terjangkau. Tunggu apalagi Klik Order Online untuk order USG Color Doppler 4 Dimensi pintar dari Zoncare ini atau bisa kunjungi showroom kami di jakarta timur.


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