Jual USG Color Doppler ZONCARE

Rp. 480.000.000,-

ALBE Medical menjual Alat USG Color Doppler Zoncare Q7. Q7 adalah usg sistem baru yang dikembangkan berdasarkan permintaan user dengan kustom baru untuk ergonomi fashion, kualitas pencitraan yang luar biasa, alur kerja lancar dan halus dan lain lain. Q7 menggabungkan layar sentuh 8,4 inci dan monitor led 19 inci, tombol multifungsi penyesuaian gain / parameter dan memastikan pengalaman terbaik selama operasi.


Spesifikasi Umum:

NO.AKL : KEMENKES RI AKL 21501312399
Kategori : Alat USG Color Doppler
Merk/Tipe : Zoncare/Q7
Negara asal : China
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi : 1 Tahun


& Berat

  910mm×660mm×13750mm; 75kg
  Package: (Wooden Carton)
  1035mm×725mm×1650mm; 124kg


  15” High Definition & Resolution-
: Progressive-Scanning Color LCD Monitor
  Up/Down Tilt, Left/Right Rotation


: Harga diatas sudah termasuk probe (convex, linier dan transvaginal)












Excellence within reach!

Easy to get diagnosis confidence by latest platform and improved workflow

ZONCARE Q7 is Zoncare newly developed system based on new custom demand for fashion ergonomics, remarkable imaging quality, refined workflow, including Radiology, Cardiovascular, OB/Gyn, Small organs and others. 
ZONCARE Q7 combines 8.4 inch touch screen and 19 inch high resolution LED monitor, multifunction knob keys of gain/parameter adjustment, ensure best experience of operation. Full choice of broad band probe (1-18Mhz) which deployed the cutting edge technology to processing signals in probe itself, together with Zoncare newly developed doppler platform, give doctors enhanced confidence for difficult patients. ZONCARE Q7 is designed for convenience and joys, extreme adaptive imaging technique to minimize speckle noise and improve resolution, it can delivers the latest doppler technology to the benefit of more widely public health by its excellent imaging quality, remarkable ergonomics design, refined workflow.

System Features:
Outstanding image quality to improve your diagnosis confidence
Full choice of wide band transducers for full ranges of applications and situations
4 full activated probe sockets 
19 inch high resolution monitor to see more details
back-illuminated control panel and 8.4 inch touch screen operation to enhance efficiency
Real time 4D imaging and complete rendering choice 
One key optimization 2D and Doppler image to relieve from messed parameters
Auto Color flow angle calibration to guide more accuracy in velocity measurement consistently
Complete post processing facility and offline analysis system
Full CW functions for the care of heart

ZONCARE Q7 is developed from leading mature premium technology to meet custom demand for a high end system within reach. Touch screen operation, Adaptive imaging,spatial compound imaging, phased shift harmonic imaging to give you a doppler you may never experienced before. Zoncare Q7 can support various probes, like convex, linear, micro-convex, phased array and 4D volume probes.

Real time 4D Imaging
4D is more easy than ever. ZONCARE Q7 delivers combination of global 4D technology to more widely use. It can show the baby shape, such as face, ear, nose and lips with easy operation.








Spesifikasi lengkap USG Color Doppler Zoncare Q7, download: ZONCARE-Q7.pdf


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