Jual Autoclave Sterilizer 12 Liter


Merk : Labtech
Tipe : LAC-1011-SV
Kategori : Autoclave
Negara Asal : Korea
Garansi : 1 Tahun










Sterilizer Autoclave 12 Liter ini bisa mensterilkan alat-alat bedah atau yang berkaitan dengan tubuh manusia agar tidak mengalami infeksi. Material alat Sterilizer Autoclave 12 Liter ini terbuat dari stainless steel 304 standar material alat-alat kedokteran lainnya. Sterilizer Autoclave 12 Liter ini menggunakan controller microprocessor PID program dengan LCD Monitor dimana LCD monitor itu menunjukkan status proses alat berfungsi, waktu, mode, pressure, temperature, tingkatan air, dan pintu untuk membuka dan menutup. Dilengkapi juga sistem otomatis kunci pada pintu.

Features :

  • Sterilization temperature 110°C to 135°C EN-13060-2 class B sterilization cycle
    Pre vacuum – water filling – heating – sterilizing – ventilation – post vacuum – drying – end cycle
  • Pre vacuum air removal and post drying system
    Pre-vacuum for effective air removal that results in increasing sterilization performance. Post vacuum for drying system with remaining steam removal
  • Microprocessor program controller with self auto-tuned and LCD Monitor
    7 pre-programmed cycled as 2 wrapped, 2 unwrapped liquid, Bowie-dick and 1 user programmable course
  • Full automatic operation system
    Easy operation with full automatic process cycle by microprocessor controller from beginning to end cycle
  • Self – diagnostic and safety system
    In case of any malfunction, it alarms and displays error codes for easy maintenance, being stopped working with automatic ventilation process for safety purpose
  • Flush cycle sterilization system
    can be supplied as optional order
  • Air filtration cooling system
    For the process of drying cycle, 0.2mm HEPA filtered clead air flows into the chamber in order to protect air contamination and to cool down below 60°C
  • Safe and efficient water supply system
    Automatic water supply mechanism which supplies a fixed volume of water to the chamber for maximum efficiency
  • Automatic and manual door lock system
    When the sliding handle is entered into locking ring, the door automatically locks after two second. The door can be manually opened and locked using the locking wheel system
  • Space saving compact design
    Maximize working capacity with square chamber and minimize foot space with dedicated engineering design
  • Safety mechanism
    – Over pressure release valve
    – Over temperature protector with Thermostat
    – Higher temp set protector by Digital high alarm limit
    – Visual and audible alarm system
    – Automatic dual door locking system


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