Jual Meja Elektrik Serbaguna


ALBE Medical menjual Meja Operasi Merk Hostech tipe DST-12D. Meja Operasi jenis elektrik dan multi-purpose ini dilengkapi dengan mikro kontroler dan kunci pengaman untuk melindungi adanya kesalahan dalam operasi.


Spesifikasi Umum:

Kategori : Meja Operasi
Merk/tipe : Hostech/DST-12D
Negara asal : China
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi : 1 tahun
Jenis Meja : Elektrik
Panjang : 2100mm
Lebar : 550mm













Technique Data

  • The table is equipped with microcomputer controller and safety lock key protecting from misoperation.
  • Adjusted manupulablly to the enough low place (the lowest height 550mm) so that doctor can sit to operate cerebral surgecy phthalmology.
  • Tha table can be moved longitudinally more than 300mm so thath C-arm X-Ray can rotate freely to work and x-ray can make radiography vertically without dead angles.
  • The table is divided into five section: head board, shoulder board, back board, seat board and leg board.
  • The table is made of penetrated X-Ray material. There is cassette guide rail under the table which make radiography
  • Equipped with shoulder-back composited bending button on the table, thich will be convient for kidney surgecy and Galibladder surgecy.
  • The table is fixed a button which can control the electric wheel to draw in and put out so that the table can be pulled easily.
  • Accessories and Guide rail are made of stainless steel.
  • The main accessory hydraulic pump and electromagnetic valve are made of imported component from Taiwan.
  • Base shell is made of aluminum alloy and supporting base is made of stainless steel.
  • The head board and leg board is adopted special gas-spiring from Germany, it is convenient to operate.
  • Configurable built-in kidney bridge and optional forked leg plate.


Spesifikasi Khusus:

Model : DST-12D
Length  2100mm
Width : 550mm
Up and down range : 850mm~550mm
Reversed Trendelenburg : ≥20o
Lateral title : ≥15o
Back rest adjustment : Up≥75o Down≥15o
Leg rest adjustment : Down 90o
Head rest adjustment : Up≥35o Down≥15o
Shoulder board adjustment : 29o
Longitudinal shift of table top : ≥200mm
Power : 220V , 50Hz (can be customized)



















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