Jual Meja Operasi Multifungsi

Rp. 250.000.000,-

ALBE Medical menjual Meja Operasi merk Hostech tipe DST-700I. Meja operasi elektrik multi-fungsi yang menggabungkan ide desain teknik modern dan manusia, menggunakan sistem transmisi listrik-mekanik canggih, mengikuti tren teknologi medis dan memenuhi persyaratan untuk mengamati dan mendiagnosa pencitraan selama proses operasi.


Spesifikasi Umum:

Kategori : Meja Operasi
Merk/tipe : Hostech/DST-700I
Negara asal : China
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Jenis meja : Elektrik
Bahan Meja : Carbon Fiber Material
Ukuran Meja : 2010x535mm 
Berat : 280kg















DST-700i urological imaging operating table combines the design idea of modern technique and humanity, adopts the advanced electric-mechanic transmission system, follow the trend of current medical technology, meets the requirement for observe and diagnose of imaging during operation, omnidirectional imaging on the body for the urologic surgery system come with C-arm X-ray machine. It meets the requirement of the urologic operations as: Kidney, Ureter, Cyst, Urethra. Produc catch up the level of international quality.
The operation table adopts the micro-motor, with electric gear mesh mechanism structure of the traditional hydraulic transmission. Not need to change oil. Product with fine steel can move equally and smoothly in any directions; also provides accurate positioning trusty capability and durable lifetime.
The table top adopts the carbon fibre material, horizontal movement(300m) of the table top, supply the accurate and convenient space from C-arm, can get X-ray imaging of full body without moving the patient.
Vertical/horizontal movement, Head/foot, Left/Right tilt of table topand adjustable back plate is controlled by different separate imported motors. They work individually and won’t affect the use of others.
High precision Jmporie’d beeline navigation rail, ensure the smooth and balanced movement of operating table.
304 stainless steel for the cover of base, helps prevent glare, impact and it is easily clear up ad listerize
Scientific design of base provides a large room for the move of the C-arm and a comfortable feet space for the doctors and nurses, also ensure the operating table moves smoothly and stably during the operation.
The head support can be taked clown then connect to leg board to extend the end part, more convenient for the operations of low body.


Spesifikasi Khusus:

Table Panel Size (Carbon Fiber Materials) : 2010x535mm±10mm
Bed height from the ground (Not including mattress) : Min Height: 695mm±20mm
Max Height: 995mm±20mm
Lifting Route: 300mm±20mm (Electric) 
 Table Surface Longitudinal mobile route : 290mm±20mm (Manual) 
Leg/Head tilt Angle : Head Tilt: 28o± 2o (Electric)
Leg Tilt: 28o± 2o (Electric)
Tilt Angle : Left Tilt: 23o± 2o (Electric)
Right Tilt: 23o± 2o (Electric) 
Back Section Raise&Lower Angle Raised Tilt: 60o± 2o (Manual)
Lower: 35o± 2o (Manual) 
Kidney Bridge Raise&Lower Angle Raised Tilt: 35o± 5o (Manual)
Lower Tilt: 90o± 5o (Manual) 
Head Section Angle Raised Tilt: 45o± 5o (Manual)
Lower Tilt: 90o± 5o (Manual) 
Dual-Use Control Panel One Board fix in the table bod, another one is activity type with a retractable cord
Table Panel X-ray Attenuation Coefficient(Option) ≤0.44mmAL
Noise <63dB 
Electric Source1 220V , 50Hz , 300VA 
Electric Source2(DC) 24 15AH(Panasonic lead-acid battery) 
Net Weight About 280kg 
Table body lock Electric 
Temperature range -15oC~60oC (5oF~158oF) 
Humidity range (No Condensation)  10% ~ 90%
Atmospheric pressure range 500hPa ~ 1060hPa 
Standard Accessories 
Mattress pad Cable Controller 
Lateral Support Carbon fiber arm support 
Fixed belt Anaesthesia screen 
Leg Support Lock block / clamping block 
Operating Environment Requirements 
Temperature range 10oC~40oC (50oF~104oF) 
Humidity range (No Condensation) 10% ~ 90% 
Atmospheric pressure range 500hPa ~ 1060hPa 



























































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