Jual Meja Operasi Hidrolik


ALBE Medical menjual Meja Operasi Merk Hostech tipe DST-12B. Meja operasi elektrik hidrolik dikembangkan dengan teknologi canggih dan inovatif. Meja dengan kualitas tinggi dan multi-purpose(tujuan). Meja Operasi ini digunakan hampir di segala kondisi seperti surgecy perut, neurosurgecy, ENT, kebidanan dan ginekologi, urology, orthopedics dan jenis lain dari surgecy.


Spesifikasi Umum:

Kategori : Meja Operasi
Merk/tipe : Hostech/DST-12B
Negara asal : China
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi : 1 tahun
Jenis meja : Elektrik Hidrolik
Panjang : 2150mm
Lebar : 500mm












  • This Operating table is developed independently by our company with innovative and advanced technologies. The table is a first-class comprehensive one with high-quality and multi-purposes, which takes the leading position in the domestic market. The table can be used in almost all konds operations such as abdominal surgecy, neurosurgecy, ENT, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, orthopedics and the other types of surgecy.
  • In addtion to above-mentioned performance, it integrates multi-purposes with advateges: low position design of tabletop meets the requirement of needed low positions in the operation; adjustable tabletop, movable in the logitudinal direction and rotation angle tabletop conducting full-body imaging and perspective examination with C-arm without moving the patient for ample space, and providing doctors with comfortable positions for perspectives and surgical operationss. No beam between head section and back section, cervial perspective; five-section structure, V-shaped and anti-V-shaped composite positionl Back section downward, anti-V-shape with sitting section, helpful to kidney surgecy; back section upward, forming sitting section, to facililate the brain surgecy; detachable head and feet section. Optional: uninterruptible power systems and automatic reset systems, orthopedic traction table.
  • Excellent permormance, comprehensive functions, beautiful appearance easy operation, the main body material is made from high-strength castiron, aluminum stainless steel; mattress is made of senior PY foam materials. Imported parts in hydraulic system, stable performance, low noise.


Spesifikasi Khusus:

Model : DST-12B
Overall length : 2150mm
Width : 500mm
Max Height : 930mm
Min Height : 580mm
Adjust : ≥350mm













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