Jual Meja Operasi Elektrik Oftalmologi


ALBE Medical menjual Meja Operasi merk Hostech DST-II. Meja elektrik oftalmologi yang biasa digunakan untuk operasi bagian kepala khususnya mata, karena Oftalmologi adalah spesialisasi medis yang berurusan dengan diagnosis dan pengobatan gangguan yang mempengaruhi mata dan bagian terkait dari sistem visual.


Spesifikasi Umum:

Kategori : Meja Operasi
Merk/tipe : Hostech/DST-II
Negara asal : China
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi : 1 tahun
Jenis Meja : Elektrik Oftalmologi
Panjang  : 2070mm(posisi meja terendah)
  2000mm(posisi meja tertinggi)
Lebar : 640mm















DST-II operation table of ophthalmology examination, operation is used for, head plate and the bed body lifting adopts safe voltage motor control, head mounted multi-funcional hand support, as the doctor operation support the wrist, hip, in order to reduce doctor fatigue. The product is made of high quality stainless steel, beautifull appearance, easy cleaning, disinfection, flexible and convenient use, low noise, stable performance, safety and reliability, can create a quiet, comfortable, casual working environment for you, is currently more advanced Department of ophthalmology operation table.

The ground operation table minimum height of 500-800mm within a scope, can be arbitrary regulation, is conducive to the operation of the medical care personnel to use.
The operation table adopts the micro touch controller, put in the hands of manipulating the entire table can be various prefabricated action.
This machine is composed of a base, a panel, a head plate and other components, and configures the necessary acessories.
Table and pad is fixed by a nylon hasp, mobile pad can not be used at the same time the pad surface can be disasembled, convenient for cleaning and disinfection.
Operation platform of high degree of automation and low noise, can be strong.
The key parts of the use of imported components, is a perfect Departmen of ophthalmology operation table.


Spesifikasi Khusus:

Model : DST-II
Length (Head section with lowest position) : 2070±20mm
Length (Head section with hightest position) : 2000±20mm
Table width : 600±20mm
Min Height : 640±20mm
Table lifting range : 200±20mm (Electric)
Head section lifting range : 60±10mm (Electric)















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