Jual Meja Operasi Bedah Elektrik


ALBE Medical menjual meja operasi tipe HOSTECH DST-700Q. Meja operasi listrik multi fungsi. Termasuk produk unggul, cepat, halus, kinerja bagus dan tahan lama.

Spesifikasi Umum:

Tipe : DST-700Q
Negara asal : China
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Tipe Meja : Elektrik Multifungsi
Ukuran Meja : 2010x535mm±10mm
Berat : 280kg
Tipe kunci tubuh pasien : Elektrik












Spesifikasi Khusus:

The bed panel: made of carbon fiber material, low X-ray absorption imaging X-ray effect coefficient high definition, greatly reduce the radiation injury of X-ray on the patients and medical staff
Lifting, translation, head and foot stop, tilt, bed next backplane angle various operation driver by imported motor independent system, if a power unit failure, it will not affect the operation and use of other action
Microcomputer control precision and stability.
Imported precision linear guide rail, ensure smooth running operation bed.
304 stainless steel material, ABS base, anti glare treatment, relieve eye fatigue staff, convenient for cleaning and disinfection.
The base design of science, C type arm have broad space for activities, for the medical personnel reserve feet of space activities, ensure the operation bed in the realization of the action balance
The head plate removed is directly connected to the leg plate. the tail section lengthened bed panel, more convenient to carry out a varienty of operation under the human body figure.
Optional battery (battery is full of electricity can be met for about a week of operation time 50-80 operation).
One key reset function, convenient sorting disinfection operation room after operation improve work efficency


Technique Data
Model Name : DST-700Q
Table panel size(Carbon fiber materials) : 2010x535mm±10mm
Bed height from the ground( Not including mattress) : Min Height: 695mm±20mm 
: Max height: 995mm±20mm 
Lifting Route : 300mm ± 20mm (electric) 
Table Surface Longitudinal mobile route : 340mm ± 20mm (manual)
Foot/Head tilt Angle : Head Tilt: 28o±2o
  Leg Tilt: 28o±2o
Tilt Angle : Left Tilt: 23o±2o
  Right Tilt: 23o±2o
Back Section Raise&Lower Angle : Raised Tilt: 65o±2o
  Lower Tilt: 23o±2o
Kidney Bridge : 0-120mm (Electric)
Leg Section Angle : Raised Tilt: 35o±5o
  Lower Tilt: 90o±5o
Head Section Angle : Raised Tilt: 45o±5o
  Lower Tilt: 90o±5o
Table Panel X-ray Attenuation Coefficient(Option) : ≤0.44mmAL
Electricial Source 1 : 220V 50HZ 300VA
Electricial Source 2(DC) : 24V 15AH(Panasonic lead-acid battery)
Net Weight : About 280kg
Table body lock : Electric

































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