Jual Ventilator Compressor

Rp. 32.000.000,-

ALBE Medical menjual alat Ventilator Kompresor Hostech VA-10A. Kompresor untuk Ventilator(VA-10A) bekerja dengan tekanan dan aliran karakteristik unggul.

Spesifikasi Umum:

Brand : Hostech
Tipe : VA-10A
Negaral asal : China
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Dimensi(LxBxH) : 51cm x 39cm x 47cm
Berat : 50 kg
Kelebihan Kelas medis sesuai dengan ISO 8573, 3 filter sistem, rendah biaya 
    operasi dan perawatan, kinerja bagus cocok digunakan di icu














Air Compressors for Ventilators (VA-10A)

With its superior pressure and flow characteristics, the HOSTECH compressor ensures a constant, clean, dry compressed air supply for medical ventilators. It can be used either as a primary air source or as an automatic backup to a hospital’s central air pipeline system. With castors, the HOSTECH compressor becomes a mobile, standalone device for other medical applications.We use hanging motor technology thus eliminating vibration.


Triple water removal

  • Medical grade air according to ISO 8573 
  • Triple Filter System 
  • Low-cost operation and minimal maintenance requirements 
  • Quiet performance suitable for use in any ICU










Features :

* Oil free Thomas Motor
* Water Drainage by Norgren USA
* Adaptable with any Ventilator
* Sturdy and attractive design
* High flow capabilities for greater versatility
* Oil-free compressor motor with thermal cut-off
* Temperature, Pressure & Voltage alarms for added safely (Optional)
* Automatic water removal system
* Low Power Consumption
* Large locking castors for easy transport

Approval : CE , ISO

Specification Air Compressors (VA-10A)
Dimensions (CM) : 51x39x47
Weight (Kg) : 50
Gas Outlet

: Oil Free Dry Air

Outlet Flow (continuous)

: 60 LPM at 50 PSI

Output Flow (Peak) : 200 lpm

Oil and Particulate Filter

: 5 Micron

Compressor Motor

: Thomas- Gardner Denver

Noise Level

: < 50 dBA at 1 Meter

Operating Environment

: 10~40 °C & Less than 85% Relative Humidity

Power Requirement

: 220 VAC + 10%,50/60 Hz;500w
Dew Point Depression

: >3°C below room temperature at peak output pressure

Alarm (Optional)

: Low Pressure, High Temp (optional)


















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