YDE 350 LED Mobile Surgical Light


ALBE Medical menjual lampu operasi led merk Hostech tipe YDE 350. Jenis lampu mobile yang bisa dipindahkan kemana saja, memudahkan dokter melakukan pencahayaan pada pasien. Lampu LED yang 40 kali lebih lama daripada lampu halogen, hingga 50.000 jam, tidak perlu mengganti bola lampu, biaya perawatan yang rendah dan mudah penggunaan.


Spesifikasi Umum:

Kategori : Lampu operasi LED Mobile
Merk/Tipe : Hostech/YDE 350
Negara asal : China
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Jenis Lampu : LED Mobile











Long Service of LED

40 times longer than halogen bulb life, up to 50000 hours, no need to replace the light bulb, low maintenance cost, the use of economic

The double optical path system of the one and only

Japan spent two times optical system of patent design, the utilization of high light, is 2 – 3 times that of ordinary optical system, light guide plate outline clear, uniform illumination, patent design “LED array”, with a minimum of power to achieve the perfect lighting effects

Perfect cold light effect

A new LED cold light source, ultraviolet and infrared spectra is very low, almost no heat radiation surface.


Sustainable development but does not lose its performance and efficiency

Harmful substances to a minimum, our led operation shadowless lamp 90% is made of aluminum and plastic, these materialls can be recycled, without the need for more row material consumption.

The service life of the LED is 40 times of halogen lamp, 15 years without replacement bulbs, saving resources.

Deposition of smooth surface curve to prevent dust, and the use harmony of illumination, color temperature and color index.

High quality imported beads, space layout and efficient, the same illumination energy saving effect is better than that of other international brands.

R9 and R13 are greater than 90, helps to distinguish between blood and tissue.

The use of single 1W beads, the heat generated is relatively small, the heat more effectively, improve the lamp life.

The new balance arm suspension system

Multiple sets of universal joint linkage 360 degrees all aroound design can meet the needs of various height, angle and position need operation, more accurate positioning convenient.

Super deep illumination, perfect shadowless effect

LED space layout design perfect, in doctor under occlusion of head and shulder, still can achieve perfect lighting effect and super deep illumination


Spesifikasi Khusus:

Performance : YDE 350
Luminance : 100.000 Lux
Color temperature : 4500 ± 500K
Ra : ≥ 90
Spot diameter(d50) : 65 mm
Depth of illumination : 80 cm
Light-adjusting mode : 10000-100000 lux
Temperature at surgeon's head : ≤ 2oC
Ultraviolet light irradiance within 40nm wave length : 0.002W/m2
Ra : ≥97%
Power Supply : 220V, 50Hz
Input Power : 280W
Power of bead : 1W x 20
LED average service life : 50000h





















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