Syringe Pump S7

Rp. 12.500.000,-

Spesifikasi :

NO.AKL : KEMENKES RI AKL 20902713807
Merk : HEDY
Tipe : S7
Kategori : Syringe Pump
Negara asal : China
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Screen : 3.5 Inch

Operating Environment

Temperature : +5~+4°C
Atmospheric Pressure : 70~106kPa



Spesifikasi Khusus

Power Suply

Voltage : 100 to 240 VAC
Rated Power : 35VA
Frequency : 50/60Hz

Rechargeable Battery

Battery Type : Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 10-15V 2.5A
Charging Time : ≤4hours
Working Time : ≥8hours

Storange Environment

Temperature : -30~+70°C
Atmospheric Pressure : 22~106kPa
Relative Humidity : 10%~90%

Safety Requirement

Reference Standard : EN 60601-1:2006;
: EN 60601-1-2:2007;
: EN 60601-1-6:2010;
: EN 60601-1-8:2007;
: BS EN 62304-2006;
: IEC60601-1-2-24:2012;
Waterproof grade : IPX3


Injector Rate Range : 5/6ml,(0.1-150)ml/h;
: 10ml,(0.1-300)ml/h;
: 20ml,(0.1-600)ml/h;
: 30ml,(0.1-800)ml/h;
: 50/60ml,(0.1-1500)ml/h;
Rate Increment : (0.1-99.99)ml/h,0.01ml/h;
: (100.0-999.9)ml/h,0.1ml/h;
: (1000-1500)ml/h,1ml/h;
VTBI : (0.1-9999)ml
VTBI Increment : (0.1-99.99)ml,increment:0.01ml;
: (100.0-999.9)ml,increment:0.1ml;
: (1000-9999)ml,increment:1ml;
Volume Accuracy : ±2%
Mechanical Accuracy : ±0.50%
VTBI Time Range : 00:00:01-99:59:59 (h:m:s)
Injector Size : Injector Size
Injector Brand : It can built in any brand injector according by customers, support user extending and calibration


Bolus Type : Automatical Bolus VTBI
Bolus Rate : (0.1 ml/h~injector Max. Rate)
Bolus Rate Range : 0.1-1500ml/h, it depends on the size of injector
Automatical Bolus VTBI : 0.1ml~5ml, increment 0.1ml

Keep Vein Open(KVO)

KVO Rate Range : KVO Rate Range
Increment : 0.1ml
When infusion is complated, it enter KVO mode automatically, KVO can be turned off.


Type of Alarm : Three grade (High, Medium and Low) audible and visible alarm with text prompts; 9 levels adjustable alarm beep sound.
Alarm Content : AC power interruption, DC power interruption, Low battery, Depleted battery, Forget reminder, Infusion near endm Infusion complete, Injector empty, Flow rate, Syringe unlocked, System exception.

Event Log

Event Log Volume : 2000 cases
Event Content : Automatically record alarm information and operation event, including start injecting, injection completed, rate modification, injection volume etc.

Data Communication

Data Transmission Interface : Data Transmission Interface
Infusion Workstation : It can work together with other pump as part of infusion workstation


Screen : 3.5" TFT color and touch screen
Screen Brightness : 9 grade adjustable, manufacturer default is the 5th grade
Display Content : Working status, VTBI, VI (Volume Infused), Time remaining, Real-time pressure, Pressure threshold, Alarm content, Injector brand and size, Power state, Date, Time.

Drug Library

Programmable : It can program drug list according to customer request, and the drug name should be within 32 words.
DERS : Drug Error Revise System for smart and Safety


  • 3.5" TFT color and touch screen for easy view and convenient operation.
  • Horizontal flat and compact design with anti-corrosion PBT material
  • Flexible stack by innovative integrated rail design
  • Exact delivery rate in increments of 0.01ml/h
  • Online titration function to change flow rate during operation
  • Dunamic Pressure Surveillance (DPS)
  • Recognize syringe brands and size from 5ml to 60ml automatically
  • Multiple infusion modes : Only rate, V-T,  R-T, Dose rate, loading dose, Trapezia Sequence and Interrupt Model
  • Smart Drug Library
  • Dural CPU design assures the safety of system
  • Fast start function to avoid the clinic risk caused by dosage delay
  • Anti-bolus function for the safety off patients
  • Up to 2000 event logs
  • Anti-siphon to prevent liquids outflow during the pause
  • Daytime mode and night time mode interchange automatically
  • Both audible and visible alarm and 9 level alarm sound adjustable


Syringe Pump S7 adalah alat yang digunakan untuk memasukan cairan kedalam tubuh pasien dalam jangka waktu tertentu secara teratur. Selain untuk memasukan cairan ketubuh pasien alat ini berfungsi juga untuk mencegah periode kadar obat atau cairan yang akan dimasukan dan juga untuk menghindari penggunaan tablet untuk pasien yang kesulitan untuk meminum obat dalan bentuk tablet.

Fitur alat Syringe Pump S7 dari HEDY :


1. Accurate

High-precision preformance makes the process of infusion safer and reliable.

Easy to Use :

  • Intuitive Operation System.
  • Medicine library with all the most used medicine.
  • Multiple models are applicable to various cases.
  • History record review and last configuration memory.
  • Applicable to multiple brands and models of syringe.


2. High Image Quality

Safety :

  • Alarm volume adjustable on 9 levels.
  • Double CPU makes the process of infuion safer and more realiable,
  • Buble detection with 3 sensitivities setting.

Fasion Appearance :

  • Smart touch button.
  • High definition large touch screen.
  • Small and dedicate volume can save massive space.

Kami Albemedical menjual alat Syringe Pump dari Hedy ini dengan harga yang cukup murah, tidak hanya infusion pump kami juga menyediakan alat infusion pump dari Hedy juga.


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