Jual Alat Bantu Dengar (Audiometer)

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Katagori : Audiometry
Type : Audiometer MIDIMATE
Brand : MADSEN
Negara Asal : DENMARK
Kondisi Alat : Baru Stock Lama
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Saat ini : Ready Stock











ALBE medical menjual alat kesehatan Audiometry tipe Audiometer MIDIMATE. Audiometry adalah pemeriksaan untuk menentukan jenis dan derajat ketulian (gangguan pendengaran). sedangkat Audiometer adalah alat yang digunakan untuk menguji pendengaran.


The MADSEN Midimate 622 audiometer is perfect for routine hearing tests. The 622 is an air, bone and speech audiometer that is simple to use but has all the operations you need. 

The MADSEN features two channels, one to use for stimulus and one for masking, air and bone conduction with continuous, pulsed and warble tones and white, speech, narrow band and external noise measured with contra lateral and Ipsi lateral masking signals. The frequency range is 125 to 8000 NZ. The unit is light and portable with five programmable test setups.

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