Rp. 300.000.000,-

ALBE Medical menjual Alat USG mobile 4 Dimensi Zoncare Q5. Q5 adalah sistem usg cerdas dengan sistematik warna. Dengan proses operasi yang nyaman dan aman, membawa pengalaman kinerja yang baik kepada pelanggan.


Spesifikasi Umum:

Kategori : USG mobile
Merk/Tipe : Zoncare/Q-5
Negara asal : China
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Dimensi & berat

  Equipment: 910mm×660mm×1470mm; 68kg

: Package: (Wooden Carton)

  1035mm×725mm×1535mm; 128kg

Monitor 15 inch HD Resolution
Tambahan : Sudah termasuk Probe Colour 4D dan Probe Linear/Trans Vaginal/Convex














Spesifikasi Khusus:

System Overview

Clinical Application






Small Parts



Task Indication Light

Built-in Workstation

Custom Keys Preset

Offline Analysis System

Probe Auto-Freeze

Optimization Key Preset

Real-time PIP Magnification

Imaging Modes

B, Dual B, Quad B, M, B/M,



BW/Color Dual Real-Time Display Mode,

Main Technology

DSC (Digital Scan Converter)

DBF (Digital Beam Forming)

RDA (Real-time Dynamic Aperture)

DRA (Dynamic Receiving Apodization)

DRF (Dynamic Receiving Focusing)

DFS (Dynamic Frequency Scan) 32Ch

THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)

SNR (Speckle Noise Reduction)

Freehand 3D Imaging Module

4D Imaging Module

Physical Specification

Dimension & weight

Equipment: 910mm×660mm×1470mm; 68kg

Package: (Wooden Carton)

1035mm×725mm×1535mm; 128kg


15High Definition & Resolution-

Progressive-Scanning Color LCD Monitor

Up/Down Tilt, Left/Right Rotation

Probe Parameters

Convex Array Probe TC50

Central Frequency: 3.5MHz

Frequency Range:2.0MHz~6.0MHz

Max. Scanning Depth: 220mm


Linear Array Probe TL40

Central Frequency: 7.5MHz

Frequency Range:5.0MHz~12.0MHz

Max. Scanning Depth: 90mm

Small Parts/Vascular

Intra-cavity Probe TC10

Central Frequency: 6.5MHz

Frequency Range:5.0MHz~10.0MHz

Max. Scanning Depth: 70mm


Phased Array Probe TP16

Central Frequency: 3.0MHz

Frequency Range:2.0MHz~5.0MHz

Max. Scanning Depth: 200mm


Probe Port & Holder

Probe Ports: 3 Activated Ports

Automatic Recognition

Electronic Probe-shift

Probe Holders: 6 Probe Holders

Electrical power

Input Voltage: AC 100V ~ 240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Input Power: 320VA

Fuse: T3.5A/250V,φ5mm×20 mm

T2A/250V,φ5mm×20 mm

Operating Environment

Ambient Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C

Relative Humidity: 90%

Atmospheric Pressure: 70kpa ~ 106kpa

Transportation & Storage

Ambient Temperature: -10°C ~ 55°C

Relative Humidity: 80%

Atmospheric Pressure: 50kpa-106kpa

Software Specification

Imaging Parameters

Pseudo-color: 16

Gray Scales: 256

M Speed: Adjustable

Dynamic Range: 0 ~ 120dB

Display Angle: Adjustable

Image Rotation: U/D, L/R, 90°

Transmitting Focus: Multi-Focuses

(depend on probe type and scanning depth)

Black/White Inversion: Available

TGC Curve Display: Available

NTSC/PAL Output: Available

Focus No., Position, Distance: Adjustable

Depth: Depending on Probe Type

Receiving Focus: Dynamic Focus/Aperture

Real-Time Dynamic Zoom: Panning Zoom


System Setup

Language: English/Chinese

Date Format: yyyy-mm-dd



Time Format: 24-Hour System

Screen Saver: Available

Body Mark: 95 types

Printer Setup: Video/Laser Printer 

Automatic Freeze: Available 

Pedal Switch: Available 

Image Storage Format: JPEG, BMP 

Applications Preset: 10 Groups Including 4

User-Defined Ones 

Annotations Preset: 10 Annotations per Application

(Max. 15 Characters per Annotation) 

OB Table/GA Setup:Set up parts andmethod of obstetrics

measurement, review GA table and fetus growth table 

and fetus growth table.

System Update: Available 

Maintenance Tools: Available 

Image Pre-Processing

Gain: Adjustable

TGC: 8 sliders

Acoustic Power: Adjustable

Gray Scale: Multi-level Adjustable

Patient Data

Medical Record Management

Report Inquiry & Printing

Image Video Output(HDD/DVD-RW/USB)

Built-in Ultrasound Workstation


Character Mark

Body Mark

Arrow Mark

Image Management

Image/Video Storage

Disk Storage Capacity 500G

Manual & Automatic Cineloop 

Image Management System 

Patient/Exam Database & Mgmt 

Stored Images Slide Show 

Support External USB Storage Devices




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