ALBE medical menjual meja operasi tipe HOSTECH 3008C. Meja operasi serbaguna. Cocok untuk operasi pembedahan kepala, leher, dada, perut. Meja operasi ini jenis meja operasi hidrolik.


Spesifikasi Umum :

Tipe : 3008C
Negara asal : China
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Dimensi : Panjang: 2100m, Lebar: 500mm









Spesifikasi Khusus :

Technique Data
Model : 3008C
Length : 2100mm
Width : 500mm
Max Height : 950mm
Min Height : 750
Up and down adjustable range : ≥200mm











Deskripsi :

This table is suitable for surgical procedures of the head, neck, thorax, abdomen, perineum, extremities as well as for gynaecological, oto-rhino-laryngological and orthopaedics operation.

The table's elevation, lowering, reserved trendelenburg, lateral tilt can be automatically controlled. Leg section can be rotated, opened, disassembled and adjusted easily. It is most suitable for the urological operation.

The table top made of high strength glass, can move backwards and forwards. X-Ray examination can be carried out on it. It can be raised or lowered hydraulically by means of an oil pump. Various positions can be controlled from both sides. Chassis inside and outside covers are stainless steel






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