Hansung Suction Mobile


ALBE Medical menjual mesin suction dengan merek HANSUNG tipe HTS-6000. Suction adalah alat untuk membantu proses penyerapan cairan dalam tubuh atau darah atau membantu proses persalinan.
























Spesifikasi Umum:

Brand : Hansung
Tipe : HTS-6000
Negara asal : Korea Selatan
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi  : 1 Tahun
Dimensi : Panjang: 390mm, Lebar: 380, Tinggi:890
Berat : 18 kg
Kapasitas botol : 1000cc
Kecepatan menyerap : 50L/min
Roda : 2" x 4
Unit Suction : mobile
















Simple design
- Manufactured into a simple design for efficient use of space in treatment and surgery rooms.

Large capacity safety bottle
A large capacity (1,000cc) safety bottle is installed to block the entry into the pump of blood or body fluid overflowing from the absorption container.

Best output at the shortest time
- 50L/min is absorbed that it can reach maximum output at the shortest time.

No need to change oil
- Because it does not use oil, there is no need to replace oil.

Optical plastic manufacturing to prevent damages
- The absorption bottle is made of reinforced plastic (PC) that no damages occur from negligence.

Minimum operation sound
Customized mothproof spring is applied that the motor operates relatively more quietly than products of other companies.


Spesifikasi Khusus:

Whole size : 380(W) X 890(H) X 390(L)mm
Motor pump absorption amount : 50L/min ±10L/min
Used absorption amount : 30L/min ~ 50L/min
Absorption bottle (PC) : 3,000cc X 2ea
Countercurrent prevention : safety bottle (1,000cc / 1.600cc / 8.000cc)
Maximum vacuum pressure : 740mmHg ± 10mmHg
Electric power : AC 220V, 50/60Hz , 250W
Weight : 18kg
Vacuum pump : oil-less piston type
Wheels : 2“ rotating wheels X 4ea















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