Hanil MWD HM-801 C

Rp. 45.000.000,-

Hanil Microwave Diathermy.

Brand : Hanil

Type: HM-801 C

Manufacturer: Korea.

Condition : New

Guarantee : 1 Year.


Microwave penetrate deeper into tissue, muscle and thereby enhancing local blood circulation in muscle.
Subcutaneous organization and others can be warmed evenly without heating skin excessivley.
Microwave therapy can be applied to treatment portion of a patient with in dress just by turning radiator to treatment portion.
Biowave HM-801 has versatile concentrated heat radiation system and the success of therapy including thermal effect is indisputable.



Power Requirment : AC-220 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption : 700 Watt.
Output Power : 1-240 W.
Frequency : 2450 MHz
Wave Length : 124.4 nM
Operation Mode : Continue/ Intermitten
Treatment Time : 5-30 Minute.











Character :

- HM-801 C, Performs an excellent efficacy irradiating an entire body.

- its easy to operation by one touch switch adjusting output power.

- This micro diathermy system canbe used different applicator depend on treatment area.

- Easy controlling power on/off and strength and simple installing circular irradiator
- Any angle and direction for any treatment part by using microwave(2450MHz)

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